We seek out architecture and design projects that re-think existing structures and landscapes.  By working with ready resources, we believe architectural projects can strengthen community, create sustainable change,and embrace diversity, in both rural and urban fabrics.  

​We believe that every architecture project, be it an addition to a single family house or a local arts center, has the potential to create new opportunities and to redefine the places we call home



We offer traditional architectural services through a non-traditional organization. We keep our overhead low by expanding our team as required.  By working with other local architects, engineers, designers, and makers, we can customize our services and team to meet your needs.  Together, we create unique design solutions that draw upon the particularities of the history, people, climate, and land of our communities.



Anna is a native eastern North Carolinian but has called many cities home. Her work and studies have taken her from Beijing to London to Chicago and have given her a unique perspective on the role of architects and designers as global citizens. Anna has been a maker her entire life, a registered architect for over 15 years, and a designer for over 20 years. ​As an architect, she worked with the award-winning firms of  Ellen Cassilly Architect, IncFreelon, Inc, Clearscapes, PA, and von Weise Associates to help create residential, commercial, and institutional solutions for her communities at home and abroad. ​She has provided mentorship with Chicago’s Architects in Schools, SAIC Next cc’s Green Cities, London’s Open House, Territory Urban Design Team,and has participated in educational outreach events with the Ragdale Foundation, Triangle AIA, and Chicago’s Open House. As a maker,  she has worked as a master carpenter for the American Dance Festival, set carpenter for Man Bites Dog and Archipelago Theaters, and as a design/build practitioner for Portland’s Side Yard Farm. With a bit of rigor and luck, Anna has also been able to balance her work as designer with her work as a baker in the much lauded Pearl, Scratch, and La Farm bakeries. Anna brings her love of slow food and community and the lessons of intentionality that she has learned as a baker and as a builder and teacher to her client conversations and design work.

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